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What Is The Right Breast Implant Size For You? If you had to pick the most talked about cosmetic surgery procedure, it would be breast implant surgery or breast augmentation. This is a procedure that changes both the size and the shape of a woman's breast. But what is the right breast implant size for you?
Breast implant surgery actually dates back to the 1960's but since then it has completely evolved into the surgery of today, which is both safe and affordable. And the demand for breast implant surgery has grown by leaps and bounds.
No longer is this a procedure done just by Hollywood actors. Today's patient can be from any walk of life. It can be a breast cancer survivor, a woman who wants to once again enjoy the firmness of the years before children, or simply a woman who wants bigger breasts purely for the huge boost to self-image. The most critical decision relating to breast implant surgery is knowing what the right breast implant size is.
Breast implant surgery is chosen by many women because it is safe, and it has become much more affordable in the past few years. Woman also like that once they choose the right breast implant size for their body, and the surgery is done, the results are immediate. In most cases in less than one week, you'll be ready to return to your normal activities.
To single out the most important question that you have to answer is "what is the right breast implant size for me." Your plastic surgeon can help you make the right choice with a sizing analysis.
Interestingly, back in the 1960's when breast implant surgery came to the market, men liked a very full bosom on a thin frame. In essence, big breasts on a woman with no body fat. It didn't take long to recognize that the look was very unnatural. In fact, people took to pointing out women that had breast implants.
Fast forward to today and the breast implant sizes now most chosen. Today it's all about looking and feeling natural. No one wants to pack around over-large and weighty implants; most prefer a much more natural look. However, there are still those women who want a more traditional look, which is about bigger breasts.
The right breast implant size really depends on what look it is you want to accomplish. Do you want to look like Pamela Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow, or perhaps Elizabeth Taylor? Three beautiful women, all with a different level of glamour.
Most plastic surgeons will tell you that the right breast implant size is not more than two cup sizes over your natural breast size. There are several advantages to this. First of all, the people that know you won't find you suddenly looking unnatural. The change is more subtle and thus more easily accepted.
Anothermon issue is that most men do not actually like really big breast on a small women. Rather than becoming sexier, you actually could become more of a "freak show." Worse yet, you will likely be uncom comfortable with yourself and too large of breast can lead to the loss of sexual sensation.
Don't make the mistake of thinking in order to look voluptuous, you need to choose a breast size that is three or more cup sizes bigger. Actually, when you choose the right breast implant size, you'll not only look voluptuous you'll feel it, and that means you'll have a whole lot more sex appeal. The sex appeal from your confidence boost is the most visible result.
When trying to decide what the right breast implant size is for you, remember this - the more natural you look, the more likely it is that other's will assume they are your natural breasts. Remember when you look your best, you feel fantastic!
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