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Becoming Big Brothers & Big Sisters When A Newborn Enters The Family Picture My first little boy was, of course, absolutely adorable. As the first child, he was spoiled by mommy and daddy ferociously. He was Numero Uno! so he was in for an overwhelming surprise when I gave birth to my second son. At that time, there was no allowed visitation in the hospital by other children to the newborn unit. No chance for an introduction to the new sibling! So he was going to get his first look when I came through our New York City apartment door, holding the new baby. And look he did.
Our new little baby boy was squalling, hungry for his feeding. I lay down on the double bed with baby, and my toddler climbed up next to me. "Mommy, what dis?" he asked, looking at the tiny newborn, his new brother. I remember this moment as one of the most dramatic in my life as a mother. It was something I had never experienced before, but I did not hesitate.
I said to myself, "It's now or never, " and I began to nurse, explaining gently to my big boy that he was a big brother now, and that this was his little brother, who was going to become his best playmate. And that did happen. (It does happen, never fear, but over time.)
One can prepare a little bit ahead of time for the dramatic entrance of a new sibling by reading books to your child, books which show the relationship between big brother or big sister and younger siblings, and, don't forget, when the baby arrives along with a slew of welcome presents from well-wishers, one can mitigate the feeling of left-out-ness by giving presents to the older child. A big brother t-shirt might be just the thing, along with a loving hug, which says, "I'm so proud of you! You are such a good big brother!" or, alternatively, never ever to leave the ladies out, a big sister t shirt will make a " big sis smile, when you pull it on over her tousled curls, saying, "Sweetheart, I am so proud of you! You are such a good big sister!"
Other strategies would be to include the older sibling in fetching diapers or pacifiers, while praising him and/or her lavishly for their priceless involvement, even putting stars on a chart when they help out. It is an important time in the life and growth of a human being who is lucky enough to experience the rich addition of a sibling to one's life. At its best, the birth of a new sibling involves the very expansion of the child's self to include and value others within a family unit.
profile/Karinna-Blair/398122>Karinna Blair

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